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A dramatic video on August 10, 2019, shows Newark police officer Jason Inacio a 2015 CIT-NJ Center of Excellence Graduate from the Essex County Program Class #57 negotiating with a suicidal man who was holding a knife to his own throat.

The encounter captured on body cam video shows a negotiator for the Newark Police Emergency Services Unit confronting the man, whose face has been blurred.

The officer spent about three hours on Livingston Street trying to convince the man not to end his life.

The two eventually struck a deal, and the man put down the knife and accepted Chinese food.

“Look see it right there? I promised you that right? So come on,” the negotiator said of the food. “I didn’t lie to you. So come on, I’ll let you eat it on the way.”

The man was safely placed into custody and got to eat his promised meal. He was later taken to the hospital for evaluation. To see the video please click on the below link.