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Members of the Hope One outreach program and police canvassing Atlantic County during the annual count of the homeless saved the life of a homeless man who was overdosing Friday morning.

The Hope One workers and local police found a man who was suffering from an overdose and quickly administered Narcan to save his life.

The seven-day count of the homeless in Atlantic County is part of an annual national event that gives authorities a better idea of how many people are homeless in America and what resources can be offered to best help them. In Atlantic County, a different area, known to be a spot where homeless people congregate, is being targeted every day during the homeless count.

Saturday, Hope One will spend the day at Old Turnpike and Main Street in Pleasantville. On Saturday, they will move to City Center Park in Atlantic City, according to a schedule on their website. Tuesday and overnight Tuesday, the group will focus on the area around the Atlantic City bus terminal. Hope One provides direct referrals for substance use treatment or mental health services and trains and supplies Narcan to anyone who wants it.

Narcan is used to save the life of someone suffering from a suspected opioid overdose emergency.

Hope One is a team of outreach coordinators sponsored by a charitable foundation of the Atlantic County Sherriff’s Office.