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The officer also gave the family some money to help them get by for a few days.

GARFIELD, NJ – After they couldn’t find a place to stay, a Garfield police officer paid for a homeless family to spend a few days in a local motel.

Over the weekend, Patrol Officer Jonathan Librizzi a Bergen County CIT-NJ graduate Class#125, was called to Walmart on Passaic Street, where he met with a woman who reported she was homeless and needed help, Sgt. Jeff Stewart said.

The woman told Librizzi she, her adult son and their service dog drove from Florida to New Jersey to deal with a pending court matter over a Jersey City rental property and are homeless with no place to stay, Stewart said.

On top of that, the woman said their car’s starter was no longer working and they spent all their money on the drive north, according to the sergeant.

“After exhausting all options with homeless shelters in the area, none of which offered any assistance, Officer Librizzi transported all parties to a motel in South Hackensack and paid for them to spend the weekend in the motel,” Stewart said.

Librizzi, a seven year member of the department, also arranged for David’s Towing to have their vehicle brought to the motel and gave them some money to get them through the weekend, the sergeant said.