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Congratulations to Linden Police Department who announce that they have pledged to take action in support of the One Mind Campaign, with the intent to unite local communities, public safety organizations, and mental health organizations in such a way that the three become “of one mind.”

Linden PD joins other NJ Departments such as West Orange, Sea Girt, Montclair and Evesham Township Who have taken the pledge.

Evesham Twp. is the only NJ Department at this time to successful meet all the standards of the one mind Campaign. Good job to all.

One Mind Campaign seeks to ensure successful interactions between police officers and persons with mental illness. To join the campaign, the department has committed to implementing four promising practices over a 12–36 month timeframe. These four strategies include

#1 establishing a clearly defined and sustainable partnership with one or more community mental health organization(s),

#2 developing and implementing a model policy addressing police response to persons affected by mental illness,

#3 training and certifying 100 percent of the agency’s sworn officers in Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety, and

#4 providing Crisis Intervention Team training to a minimum of 20 percent of the agency’s sworn officers.

Responding to calls where one or more persons is affected by mental illness is an everyday occurrence. We want to provide our officers with the highest quality training, and strategies possible to assist them in finding the best possible outcomes for the affected individual.