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us-nj-ocOn 12/13/2016 the Ocean First Foundation came to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office to make a Donation to the Ocean County CIT-NJ Center of Excellence Program.  Their to accept the check were CIT Coordinators Renne White and Alexander Bromley.  Ocean First Foundation stated:  “We want to thank all those that protect and serve our communities each and every day.  We are so proud to partner with the Mental Health Association in Southwestern New Jersey and the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office to sponsor Crisis Intervention Training.”

We here at the CIT-NJ Center of Excellence and all members of our Ocean County CIT Program. We would like to say thank you to Ocean First Foundation for your donation of $3,000 towards the Ocean County CIT program. We are so glad that you have chosen to partner with us to provide Crisis Intervention to Ocean County. This program and your support allows us to continue to bring Mental Health Professionals, Law Enforcement, and other first responders together for a week long program to provide Ocean County residents with specially trained people to respond to a people in crisis throughout our community.

CIT-NJ Center of Excellence relies on the generosity of donors such as yourself and it grateful for your support.

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If your a company or subject that would like to know if your county has CIT check on our website and if you would like to support your counties CIT program please click the donate button and then select your county.  If you like to start a CIT Program in your county please contact your county Prosecutor and have then reach-out to us.

Once again “Thank You for your support.”