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Hunterdon CountyThe Hunterdon County Partnership for Health is a New Jersey Health Initiatives (NJHI) 2016 Building a Culture of Health in NJ – Communities Moving to Action grantee.  Funding from that grant enabled the Partnership’s Mental Health Action Team implement a school-based stress reduction project as part of its strategic plan for a healthier Hunterdon County.  Kingwood Township School District and Clinton Public School District were selected to pilot the MindUP program.  MindUP is a comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum that fosters social and emotional awareness and promotes overall well-being.   Students are offered opportunities to monitor his or her sense and feelings to become more aware and better understand how to respond to the world reflectively instead of reflexively.
When students are able to focus their attention and control their breath, they are able to reduce stress and optimize the learning capacity of the brain.  By working together we are giving children opportunities to develop a secure foundation and make Hunterdon a healthier community.
The Hunterdon County Partnership for Health is comprised of nearly 60 community organizations and individual residents, all with the common goal to see a thriving, healthy Hunterdon.  The current focus of the Partnership is promoting a healthier weight by encouraging healthy choices with a variety of programs focused on healthy behaviors, healthy weight and eating, mental health and stress management and access to health-focused programs.  For additional information about this Mental Health Action Team initiative, contact Rose Puelle at [email protected].