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CIT-NJ had a very busy and exCITing day throughout the state today.  


First, Essex County hosted their second CIT training for the year 2015, by hosting Class #66 at the Essex County Police Academy today.  CIT-NJ Center of Excellence wants to wish the class of #66 Essex County“Good luck” and also commend the Essex County Coordinators Lt. Richard Cavanaugh of the Montclair Police Department and Pat Keenan Asst. Director of the Essex County Hospital Center for their ongoing dedication to the CIT-NJ program.

Second, Hudson County, had their second CIT training today by hosting Class #67. This training is Hudson County’s first training with local county instructors since implementing Hudson-County-SealCIT on March 23, 2015 when the CIT-NJ Center of Excellence provided their first training.  CIT-NJ wishes “Good luck” to the Class #67 and Hudson County Coordinators, Training Officer James Sharrock of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office and Director Stephanie Simon of the Bridgeway Crisis Intervention Services.  These Coordinators along with the support from other agency’s in their county along with the local Prosecutor Gaetano T. Gregory,  are on their way to making a difference in Hudson County.

Last, but not least today.  The CIT-NJ Center of Excellence would like to extend an appreciation of “Thanks” to Screenshot_2015-06-01-20-02-03-1_resizedCaptain Jonathan Parham of the Linden Police Department  for his inspiring  present today at the John H. Stamler Police Academy in Union County.  Captain Jonathan Parham provided training and assistance to several CIT-NJ Center of Excellence instructors through out the state of New Jersey on how to present a more Dynamic presentation/power-point to Law Enforcement.  Again, CIT-NJ would like to personally thank Capt. Parham for his time and commitment to the CIT-NJ program.