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Congratulation is going out to Warren County New Jersey’s 9-1-1 Communication Center.

485380_101297423387706_279218091_nThis month, on August 25th, 2015 it joined the CIT-NJ Center of Excellence Program after they had 40 of their telecommunicators complete CIT-NJ 8 hour telecommunication training.  They will now also join the CIT-Program and have a representative sitting at CIT Warren Counties monthly steering committee meetings to help build on the CIT collaboration though out the county.  Warren County New Jersey’s 9-1-1 Communication Center has also sent 6 of the Telecommunicators to the CIT-NJ 40 hour program since Warren County NJ stated the CIT-NJ Center of Excellence Program in 2014.  Warren County NJ now joins with nine (9) counties and the State Police that offer Crisis Intervention Team (CIT-NJ) training to police officers, mental health professionals and advocates.

CIT is an innovative international m20150818_123312del of police-based crisis intervention training. CIT initiatives were first rolled out in New Jersey in 2006 and are currently available in Burlington, Camden, Essex, Hunterdon, Mercer, Ocean, Passaic, Union, Warren, and Hudson; however there are 21 counties in the state.

I strongly encourage the neighbors, friends and family of those with mental illness to contact their county government and get the CIT-NJ program in their county.

If your interested in bringing CIT-NJ Center of Excellence Telecommunications training to your area please email the CIT-NJ State Director Edward C. Dobleman at [email protected]