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CIT-NJ Crisis Intervention Team

Join CIT-NJ members from around the state of New Jersey     

December 12th, 2017 to learn, share, and explore solutions for a better response to mental health crisis. 

Make plans now to join us as we celebrate CIT-NJ Center of Excellence Program ten years of service. 





Tuesday December 12, 2017 

Middlesex County Fire Academy 

(Continental Breakfast & Lunch Provided) 

Networking from 9:00am to 9:30am 

Followed by

Hoarding Disorder: Issues and Interventions Presentation

by the Mental Health Association in NJ


In response to the growing issues around hoarding and clutter in our communities, the Mental Health Association in New Jersey has created a Hoarding Disorder Initiative: Our team has spent the past 3 years researching, receiving specialized evidence-based practice training, providing home-based services, facilitating support groups, providing community outreach and developing a Hoarding Task Force. We clearly understand the significant financial and emotional impact hoarding has on communities.

Presenters will provide an overview of Hoarding Disorder and clutter. Participants will have an opportunity to dialog about the issues related to hoarding and clutter and focus on both the financial and emotional costs. Discussion will take place around how we, as providers can change our language and replace “hoarder” with less offensive terminology while applying new strategies to begin the conversation. Participants will learn how Hoarding Disorder is defined and the differences between hoarding and squalor. Presenters will also introduce and demonstrate methods of interaction and best practices to use when working with individuals.

Presenters will share relevant experiences and methodologies, discuss case scenarios, and introduce the use of tools such as the HOMES tool and the Clutter Image Rating Scale.

Lunch and Networking

Afternoon Session 

1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

      10 Year Anniversary Presentations

          CIT-NJ Center for Excellence Award Ceremony

Also come and meet Author and Writer.

Debra Ann Faretra, M.ADebra Ann Faretra, M.A. is a public safety psychology instructor and author of

“The Mind Behind the Badge”

She is a writer for NJBLUENOW  and JERSEYFIREFIGHTERSNOW Magazines.

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