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brickBRICK – A blood-stained township man who proclaimed he was going to give police officers a “show” as they responded to a domestic violence call was arrested Saturday night after a brief stand-off, police said.

During the terse situation, Anthony Veltry, 51, who was swigging from a bottle of alcohol, falsely warned officers he had a gun, asked officers to shoot him because he wanted to die and lightly jabbed himself in the stomach with a knife before he rolled onto his side and was able to be apprehended, said Capt. Timothy Boyle of the Brick Township Police Department.

Veltry was charged with committing aggravated assault and issuing terroristic threats, Boyle said.

Police responded to Veltry’s home around 10:45 p.m. and discovered he was downstairs, Boyle said. Veltry issued the fake gun threat, then emerged at the door holding a hunting knife in one hand and a bottle of alcohol in the other hand. Veltry was covered in his own blood from self-inflicted stab wounds, Boyle said.

Veltry walked out the front door of the home and sat down on the front porch, still holding the knife and drinking from the bottle, Boyle said. Veltry admitted he never had a gun and instead just had knives, and told officers to shoot him, claiming he no longer wanted to live.

As more officers arrived on the scene, Veltry announced he was going to give them a “show” and began to lightly poke at his stomach with the knife, Boyle said. Minutes later, Boyle said Veltry dropped the knife and rolled over.

Medical personnel treated Veltry on the scene and transported him to an area hospital. On Monday, Boyle said Veltry was still hospitalized, but will be transported to the Ocean County Jail once he recovers.

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